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“Really nice job - the offices look great and staff report no problems whatsoever. I will happily recommend PGR Décor to anyone”
Mr Stewart, Marketise UK, White Cross Estate, Lancaster

“I left Paul and his team to decorate my house when I was at work all day and it was done well and extremely quickly without me noticing they were there!”
Mr Pickles, Private home-owner, Lancaster

“As a sub-contractor their work and attitude was exemplary. It has been a pleasure to work with PGR”
Mr Maffei, HandyMAF, Bolton

“Paul painted my entire kitchen out-of-hours so I didn't have to close for one minute, we’re very impressed and we now use him all the time”
Mr Reeves, ‘Souped Up’, Lancaster Uni


CONTACT: Tel 0779 375 6209 Email info@pgr-decor.co.uk
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